Thursday, January 8, 2015

Only built for internet linx

  1. Consumerism fascinates me but on a baser level I also just fucking love The Mall. Walking in air-conditioned circles past Cinnabon stands and palm oases sipping a Jamba Juice is an extremely pleasurable experience for me. As such I will read any and every article about RETAIL EXPERIENCE, especially if it has to do with Los Angeles, the land of my birth. Here's part one, two, and three of KCET's excellent series on the history of how we've shopped in Southern California
  2. Another thing about malls! This one's about dead malls (ghost malls?)
  3. Earl Sweatshirt interviewed Mike Tyson, who is basically my mom ("In order to be a friend to anybody, you have to a friend to yourself"). Guess which one is a fan of The Notebook, though.
  4. "Under a regime of visibility that usurps older notions of substance, what figures can we use to affirm its surface effects, to understand its refractive powers, to crack open its hidden energies and make its calculus work for us and not against us? How has this new superficiality realized and flipped the politics of spectacle described by Debord? And why should we take a closer look at the sun?
  5. A map of Los Angeles County's annexations and detachments with dates, ooh ahh
  6. I need Phaidon's Cookbook Book
  7. "He sports a John Cena t-shirt and introduces himself as Mohamed Al Shishkebabi" - Egyptian hot dog vendors in NYC
  8. At 11:38 am 11% of men and 33% of "nonemployed" women are doing housework
  9. Here's that PDF of Barthes' A Lover's Discourse you were probably looking for
  10. In case you missed it (and you probably did): the NAACP building in Colorado was bombed and The News seriously slacked off with their reporting of it. Everything is and always will be the worst

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