Friday, January 30, 2015

Color and colour

If you're in London for some reason, check out Hue: Color as Object. Color as Material. Color as Memory. at the Old Fire Station, which opened today and runs until February 28th. Also on the 28th is their lecture and demonstration about pigment, Making Color. Los Angeles has color too, kind of - Ace Hotel will be presenting Albers in Command on January 31st (tomorrow!), a celebration of Command Records, Enoch Light, Josef Albers, lounge music, modernism, graphic design, and records. It's not explicitly about color but Josef Albers, known for writing a list of colors used on the back of his work, wrote a treatise on color theory, Interaction of Color, around the same time that he was designing album covers for Command. There's also an Interaction of Color app that I've never used but refuse to delete, even in times of serious space-need.

There's probably another color thing I could put here but I need to go eat something, so

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