Saturday, April 7, 2012


Arugula, shrimp, and avocado salads, going to Long Beach for no reason, scheduling and canceling and re-scheduling, finally signing up for Spotify but only really using it to listen to this one Smokey Robinson & the Miracles album, borrowing my grandmother’s car for a week while she visited family in Texas and finally being able to experience the pleasure of car chargers, two smoothies a day (at least), realizing how perfect my bed can be, Marlboro 27s for some reason, finally owning William Tecumseh Sherman’s memoirs, grocery shopping, learning to let go of palm trees, hating all of my clothes and my kitchen’s weird smell, waking up every two hours after I have gone to bed, a town (neighborhood?) called Naples that isn’t like the “real” Naples at all, Hite beer, the various pomades a man could have, making a note to buy a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s every morning after using my current body wash (it smells like Flintstone vitamins?) and forgetting the minute I step out of the shower, grabbing issues of L.A. Weekly but never reading them, Irish breakfast tea at home and coffee everywhere else but actually, usually, Sprite.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Alone again or

Maira Gall