Monday, May 1, 2017

The sun shining and all the stars aflame

 "Remember that: I know how black it looks today, for you. It looked bad that day, too, yes, we were trembling.1"
I had the idea that I would be spoiled for choice in terms of insightful writing on the anniversary of the L.A. riots, which began 25 years ago this past Saturday, but it turns out I am not - most of what I’ve read this go around felt formulaic at best and offensive at worst. But there are things to do - the California African American Museum has its No Justice, No Peace exhibit up until August 27th, the Hammer has a few events planned May 2nd - 4th, and there are several documentaries to watch, among them being LA 92, which opened in theatres Friday and premiered on Nat Geo last night. Considering all that hasn’t changed in these 25 years, I suppose it might be the fire next time, too.

1. James Baldwin, as ever, from "My Dungeon Shook"

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