Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Only built for internet linx

  1. I’ve been giving lots of thought to the idea of radical leisure, doing nothing as praxis - time is, after all, a feminist issue - so hearing women like Hannah Black or Fran Lebowitz talking about how they’re really good at doing nothing is just like, ok, yeah, same, thank god.
  2. New York magazine ran a bunch of pieces on the burger, my second greatest love after leisure, and it made me resubscribe after six months away.
  3. I just started reading Reinventing Citizenship: Black Los Angeles, Korean Kawasaki, and Community Participation by Kazuyo Tsuchiya - a so far excellent book which studies the welfare activism amongst Los Angeles’ poor black communities during the 1960s and 70s and Kawasaki’s Korean community during the 70s, highlighting the role of transnational antiracism networks. It’s also nice to see someone acknowledge that the framework laid by black activists provided many a liberation movement with a jumping off point, something often vaguely nodded at but rarely explicitly stated. I also just started Women's Places: Architecture and Design, 1860-1960 edited by Brenda Martin and Penny Sparke which I'm also stoked for. I haven't been reading very much over this past month but it feels good to get back in the groove.
  4. "I’m home kind of fucking around. Listening to my own words. Redundancy. Peepee poopoo. Things are so fucking weird!” - excerpts from Guattari’s journals
  5. I posted this last month on his birthday but Stevie Wonder! On Sesame Street!I think about this opening everyday.
  6. "In Praise of the Department Store Restaurant."
  7. "I’ve been fascinated by the totalitarian way these writers say ‘brown' as an alternative for ‘POC' and 'Black.”' To me, the systematic use of this word is how their subconscious desire to erase blackness expresses itself within their language. What does this brown identity mean to a Black woman? I have personally no desire to be described or self-identify as brown. Brown is abstract, it doesn't feel inclusive and it is not. Brown is a euphemism. Why should I accept and bow down to an identity that doesn’t describe or acknowledge my reality? I am Black. Black is specific. Black centers me. All identities are performative but claiming “brown” would be like wearing a piece of cloth that was definitely not designed for me. And that piece of cloth would likely be a cloak of invisibility. It feels more like a trap than an identity to me but, I can see why Black people might find this identity desirable. It temporarily relieves you from the burden of blackness."
  8. lol
  9. Bald dudes are out here getting that “I just buzzed my head two days ago” stubble spray-painted on their heads and for some reason I’m here for it
  10. So who is coming with me to the Not Mom Summit this October?
  11. BONUS LINK: Emojineering!

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