Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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Not The Onion (Totally The Onion)

  1. A recent report revealed that the number of black men, women, and children lynched in the South between 1877 and 1950 was at least 700 more than previously thought, bringing the number to 3,959 victims. The New York Times reported on this, and, somehow, failed to mention that those doing the lynching were - wait for it - white. Why do we keep coddling white people? As Jenee Desmond-Harris reports on Vox, "this sort of oversight has also been interpreted as going hand-in-hand with a widespread reluctance to see white supremacy (versus individual racist acts by bad people) as a driving force in America's history, or a contributor the country's present racial inequality." Let's do better. 
  2. Here's a weird ass article about Bobby Shmurda and his (former?) attorney from The New Yorker.
  3. Forever 21 is being sued by Adobe for pirating Photoshop and I'm loling forever 
  4. Occidental College and Christopher Hawthorne - Los Angeles Times architecture critic and Oxy professor, just FYI - are presenting Third Los Angeles, a series of talks concerning Los Angeles' future and past development and it starts tomorrow. Go to all of them! I'll be there! 
  5. BART is still fuckin' up 
  6. The Hollyhock House is reopening! It's gonna be open for 24 hours straight starting Friday, February 13th at 4pm. I'm trying to plan a post-turn up trip but I can't decide if I want to get Fatburger before or after. 
  7. California prosecutors are lying and being generally sus all over the place and judges aren't doing anything about it. The only thing I really have to contribute to this is a deep sigh. 
  8. Affective labor is something that I wish was part of the conversation more often. It is what I personally have found to be the most exhausting part of working in a retail environment. As Bryce Covert reports in this article about McDonalds' "Pay wth Lovin'" campaign (gag), "ordering a sandwich is now supposed to be a delightful experience, and of course a low-wage clerk is at work for something other than a paycheck. This is what’s pernicious about emotional labor: it requires poorly paid people to slather a smile onto their face and cover up the real conditions under which they labor." And because I'm a PDF hoarder, here's Michael Hardt's original paper on affective/immaterial labor and Kathi' Weeks' "Life Within and Against Work: Affective Labor, Feminist Critique, and Post-Fordist Politics." 
  9. The Metro Red Line is hosting speed dating events on train cars Friday, February 13th from 11 am to 1:30 pm. I am totally for this for some reason. 
  10. Wu-Tang Chicken??? Can someone explain this tweet to me?

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