Friday, February 22, 2013

Only built for internet linx

(I know it was supposed to be weekly but I can't be bothered to remember things, so)

  1. MAC Cosmetics released a line of Archie Comics-inspired make-up and obviously I fuck with it
  2. Chicago, guns, crime, hip-hop, public policy!
  3. Michael Jordan doesn't know his billing zip code
  4. Why people like junk food, or something
  5. Pick-up artists are the absolute worst and I'm obsessed with them. I wonder how many dudes I meet per day who are about this life.
  6. "First off, that's a fucking screen saver on dude's shirt. Fall the fuck back, player. Secondly, condom beanies and Canal St gold? Nah, we good over here. I have not even remotely consumed enough coffee to discuss this. Ain't no one buying into that goth trap life you're selling. The most illegal activity any of these dudes have done was downloading torrents of Rugrats and using someone else's Netflix log in."
  7. "How Crazy Is Too Crazy to Be Executed?"
  8. Old Armenian guy tries to steal $864 worth of meat and laundry detergent from a Von's store in Burbank
  9. Apologizing on television
  10. Somehow I missed that KFC in the Philippines carries a "cheese-top burger"

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